A fall or spring semester abroad in Salamanca, Spain, offers students of Spanish an unforgettable opportunity to immerse themselves in Spanish language and culture while studying at one of the oldest universities in Europe, the University of Salamanca.

Students in this program typically take 4-6 courses during a semester in Salamanca. Under faculty direction, students also have the opportunity to undertake a language project in conjunction with a service commitment or internship in Salamanca.

Courses Offered

  • SPA 199 Internship (contingent on student enrollment)
  • SPA 309 Grammar and Composition
  • SPA 313 Lights, Camera, ¡Acción! Cinema and Culture in the Spanish-Speaking World
  • SPA 315 The Making of Spain
  • SPA 319 Literary and Cultural Studies of Spanish America
  • SPA 326 International Business: Spain / Latin America
  • SPA 328 Medical Spanish
  • SPA 332 The Golden Age of Spain
  • SPA 334 Voices of Modern Spain
  • SPA 382 Spanish/English Interpreting (Spring semester only)
  • ART 230 Spanish Art and Architecture (Fall semester only)
  • ART 242 Masters and Masterpieces of Spanish Art (Spring semester only)
  • HST 216 General History of Spain
  • POL 202 Political Structures of Present-Day Spain

With the exception of SPA 199, all courses listed above count towards the Spanish major/minor.

Additional courses offered contingent on minimal enrollment:
  • BIO/CHM 370 Biochemistry: Macromolecules and Metabolism
  • CHM 280 College Chemistry II
  • ECN 271 Selected Areas in Economics: Economics of Current Spain
  • PSY 278 Psychology of Memory

We learned so much about Spanish culture, we each got to travel around Spain as well as around Europe, and it was great being immersed in the Spanish language. My Spanish improved so much during those months.

Megan Elwood (’20)

For more information about the Semester in Salamanca Program, please contact Program Director Dr. Kathryn Mayers.